Feb 14, 2013
Door Time: 8:00 PM

Day: Thursday, February 14, 2013
Door Time: 8:00 PM
Age: 21 and over
Advance Ticket Price: $5
Day Of Show Price: $5
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Featuring $2 drink specials and $2 slices of Marquis Pizza all night long!

Born on Nov. 10th, 2010, Simplemen was founded by 2 emcees, Ryland and Renaissance, who met at a show and began talking about plans to start a new collaborative project. The following day they met up to brainstorm the genesis of this group: the music, the sound, the symbol, and the intention behind what they wanted the group to become.

Over the past two years, Simplemen has seen many incarnations
, ultimately resulting in the finalized 3-piece emcee group consisting of Ryland of Heirs of Enka, Renaissance of IDeology, and AM of Microphone Militants. Homegrown in the Northwest/Colorado, Simplemen are constantly inspired by their roots, pulling worthy content from their own history and experiences collectively. On Sept. 28th, 2012, they finished recording their debut EP, “Work Ethic,” which is being released this November. 

With a mindset that welcomes the challenge to be better and a little bit of mixing and mastering left to complete, the group that has been working diligently for nearly 2 years will finally have an album to share with the world and the people who have ridden on this journey with them. Inspiring fans all across the Front Range, Simplemen continue to grow and evolve with their hard-hitting beats and conscious lyrical style.


Drop Odyssey
Drop OdysseyDrop Odyssey was founded in 2012 and set out to bring a unique sound and perspective to light in the genre of electronic music. With a primary influence in Jazz, but also Blues, Soul, Funk, R&B, Rap, House and Hip Hop D.O. reinvigorates elements of music fallin by the wayside and fuses it together on a modern platform to better suit todays ears, hips and feet. Both in the studio and on the stage, Drop Odysseys central focus is to find ways to move your body, your mind and your heart all at the same time.

In 2011 Andrew Pike founded 4d2d Productions LLC. An independent studio specializing in recording, producing, publishing and composing original music. With a BS degree in Music production from the University of Colorado, Andrew Pike (ASCAP) applies his creative expertise to each client’s custom music project. There is no pigeon holing Andrew's sound, he breaks the typical stereotypes of what most consider a music producer. 
As Engineer and Producer at 4d2dProductions LLC, Andrew has been creating and composing music steadily for over 6 years. While hip hop is his first love and forte, he is also very talented in recording other groups ranging from string quartets to rock bands. Andrew not only has the education and experience, but he is also blessed with a gift for intuitively knowing what sounds tight; he just gets it. That is always the missing factor between talent and a facade, that innate quality that you can not teach, you either have it or you don't and Pike has it. He has a gift for extracting ideas from the client's brain and ethers and blends it together to create a style all your own.